The Process

Ground Preparation

First, the area where the concrete landscape edging will be installed has to be prepared. Ground preparation is very important in achieving a professional looking curb. A trench, one inch deep and nine inches wide, around the landscape edging beds is all that is necessary to accommodate the concrete curb machine. Ground preparation is usually completed using shovels, a sod cutter or trencher.

Mix Preparation

Second, concrete is prepared in a mortar mixer with sand, cement, fiber mesh, admixtures and water as the basic ingredients. The consistency of the mixture is very important. Colour additives can be added to the curb mixture to customize the beauty of it to match the customer’s home.


After the mixture is ready, the concrete mix is shoveled into our curb machine and extruded into a professional continuous landscape border.


When the concrete landscape edging is extruded from the curb machine, the surface of the landscape edging will have some imperfections. Using a specially formed hand trowel, the concrete curbing is quickly smoothed into a decorative concrete curbing masterpiece.

Stamping & Textures

After the decorative concrete curbing is laid down and smoothed it can be stamped to create patterns using various stamping tools. There are many colouring and stamping techniques that can be done at this time.


Control joints are then added to help prevent cracks while the surface is still wet. These control joints can be hidden in the stamped curb pattern or tooled for a finished landscape edging look. A clear sealer is applied to the coloured curbing to protect it from the sun and to preserve the colour.